Article Select Tokens

Access top content with a lower cost per article

The benefits

  • Easy access to content outside of your organization's holdings

    Article Select Tokens is a prepaid tokens system which allows users to purchase access to journal articles, online books, and reference works.

  • Seamless integration with document delivery services

    If you use a service such as Article Galaxy, RightFind or similar, they will automatically check if you have access via tokens when you try to purchase content.

  • Downloadable, printable, shareable content

    Once a token has been spent, purchased content is available for users within your organization’s IP range for 24 hours to use, download, or print.

  • Monitor and control tokens spend

    Administrators can benefit from three different tokens spend control levels. Right from easy access for everyone in your organization, through to superuser only control. Speak to an account manager to see which option will work best for your organization.

More about the benefits of Article Select Tokens vs other purchase methods

Take a look at our handy table below to discover more benefits of Article Select Tokens when compared with other non-subscription Wiley purchasing options.

 Article Select TokensFull PDFCloud AccessRental
Content deliveryPDF download & online accessPDF download & online accessOnline accessOnline access
Price (per content piece)$14.70 – $39.90 (dependent on Tokens package)$42 – $59$18 – $25$10 – $15
Time limit24 hrs online
Perpetual once downloaded
PerpetualPerpetual48 hrs
Article can be accessed by more than one user    
Entire IP Range Access?
(Multiple downloads by different users allowed)

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