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Reliable science for your practitioners

Wiley publishes proprietary, current and authoritative research from the world’s most influential scientific and medical societies.

From the Cochrane Library and Wiley’s Medicine and Nursing Collection to Essential Evidence Plus, we help ensure that providers in your organization have access to the high-quality, validated research in Healthcare, Clinical Medicine and Animal Health they need to carry out their work.

Give providers in your organization access to evidence-based science to improve patient care.

Customized packages of evidence-based healthcare solutions

From Wiley’s Medicine and Nursing Collection to Essential Evidence Plus and the Daily POEMs, we offer healthcare solutions packages tailored to the needs of practitioners and researchers in your organization. You can combine:

Dedicated support for your organization

  • dedicated account manager from pre- to post-sale
  • Bespoke packages ensuring the best value for your organization
  • Customer experience support for your users
  • Training available to enhance discoverability and optimize usage
  • User and denial data
  • Account dashboard with real-time reports